H02B6A Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

H02B6A Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

Schedule 2013-2014

The course consists of 13 lectures and 6 exercise sessions. It is taught in the first semester.


Thursday10.35-12.05 Dekenstraat 2 VHI 02.41

Exercise Sessions

October 9 and 23 16.00-18.00Celestijnenlaan 200 M 00.07
November 6 and 20 16.00-18.00Celestijnenlaan 200 M 00.07
December 4 and 18 16.00-18.00Celestijnenlaan 200 M 00.07

Course Material

Ivan A. Sag, Thomas Wasow and Emily M. Bender, Syntactic Theory. A Formal Introduction. Second Edition. CSLI Publications, Stanford University, 2003.
Copies are available at bookshop Peeters (Bondgenotenlaan 153).

Slides (.pdf format)

Lecture 1a: preface
Lecture 1b: introduction
Lecture 2: grammars
Lecture 3: typed feature structures
Lecture 4: complex feature values
Lecture 5a: semantics
Lecture 5b: semantic representations
Lecture 6: binding
Lecture 7: morphology and the lexicon
Lecture 8: grammars and psychological reality
Lecture 9: passive
Lecture 10: dummies and idioms
Lecture 11: infinitival complements
Lecture 12: auxiliaries
Lecture 13: long distance dependencies

The slides of lecture 7 in .tex format: morphology and the lexicon

Exercises (.txt format)

Series 1 deadline: October 9
Series 2 deadline: October 23
Series 3 deadline: November 6
Series 4 deadline: November 20
Series 5 deadline: December 4
Series 6 deadline: December 18

Bring your solutions to the exercise sessions.
In case you cannot attend the exercise session(s), you can submit electronically (.pdf or .doc format).
Here you can check whether I have received your solutions.
The solutions of the exercises are discussed collectively during the exercise sessions.

Office hour

Thursday, 15.00-17.00
Centre for Computational Linguistics
Blijde-Inkomststraat 13, 3000 Leuven
Room 01.01


Oral with written preparation
Students who have delivered the solutions of the exercises by the set deadlines have an open book exam.
For an example of a question, see the Student Information Page of the MAI web site.
Date: January 15 or 29, 2014
Location: Celestijnenlaan 200 S 00.04


General information about Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar.
Bibliography of Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar.
On-line proceedings of HPSG conferences.
About LaTeX.
Jobs in language and speech technology. See also external links of CCL.

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